Dick DeVos’ Involvement With The JF Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts

The JF Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has benefited from a recent funds drive that saw the institution surpass its targets of raising capital for a planned construction project. The management of the center expressed their satisfaction with the generosity of individuals and organizations that contributed. The oversubscription to the fundraiser has made the institution revise its target upwards by another $50 million.


According to an official communication from the Kennedy Center, the campaign has managed to lock over $135.9 million for the planned project. The project at hand will include structures such as a riverfront pavilion and walking lanes linking the building with the JF Kennedy Center. Educational halls, rehearsal spaces, staff offices, dining spaces and the Center, in general, will also undergo expansion.


The campaign to expand the JF Kennedy Center for Performing Arts was started in 2013. The initial budget for the plan was $125 million. After the design was subjected to scrutiny by various state agencies, the cost of the project increased by a double fold.


Some of the biggest contributors to the JF Kennedy Center project include David Rubenstein who injected $50 million to the project. Rubenstein who serves as the chairman of the Center’s board of trustees kick started the fundraiser with a contribution that no one has matched so far.


One of the biggest contributors to the JF Kennedy Fundraiser is an entrepreneur, Dick DeVos. Through his family’s charity, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, Dick DeVos contributed $1 million to the institution.


Dick DeVos is one of the most committed philanthropists in the United States. Together with his wife Betsy, Dick DeVos has always been involved in charitable initiatives. The business leader has spent a better part of his career giving back to the society. Dick DeVos built his career in the corporate world while working at big companies such as the Windquest Group. At Amway, Dick served as the president for close to a decade.


Dick DeVos is best known for his involvement in a wide range of community projects. A while back, the business leader started the Education Freedom Fund. The fund helped place education opportunities in the hands of over 4,000 students from marginalized households in the Michigan region. The entrepreneur together with his wife was instrumental in the establishment of the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The institution is one of the few schools which provide a rigorous professional curriculum in the field of aviation. The principles that guided the formation of West Michigan Aviation Academy are a big part of the reforms that Betsy DeVos has been agitating for in the Education sector.


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