Duda Melzer Is the Current Reason on Why the RBS Group Is So Successful

The Brazilian entrepreneur Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, who is commonly called by his nickname “Duda Melzer,” is one of the most successful businesspeople in Brazil, being the President of the renowned company “Group RBS” since 2016.

The President of the company was born in 1972, in the south of Brazil, in a city named “Porto Alegre.”

Having initiated his profession as a businessman here in his country of birth, he is an expert in franchising, the business practice of being part of a multi-regional company. For Duda Melzer, his profession began very early in his career, having started as a franchisee of the famous enterprise Sweet Sweet Way; after a while though, business didn’t go very well, and he went to the United States to work as an analyst for the company Delphi Corporation and director of Box Top Media.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer didn’t enter RBS as soon as he became the President of the company, having needed 12 years with the group to be elected the spot as the leader and representative of RBS Group. He entered the team in 2004 only as the general director of the national market, having no fundamental knowledge of the international part of the business of the corporation. However, as years progressed, Duda Melzer showed great dedication and improved his horizons by really increasing the national sales of the company. Business was doing great for RBS Group in the Brazilian market.

Duda Melzer is not one of those entrepreneurs that achieved success without a formation. He graduated from Harvard Business School, having attended the “Effective Strategies for Media Companies” and “Building and Leading Customer Centric Organizations” courses, which allowed him to find great solutions for the market of RBS Group. Check out Valor to know more.

Right now, the expert is the President of two corporations, as he is also leading the group “e.Bricks Ventures,” an e-commerce enterprise that focuses on finding solutions for markets where the e-commerce competitions are not satisfying the client base.

Duda Melzer is regarded as a successful businessman and is constantly giving speeches for international forums supported by the “World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-Ifra).”

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