End Citizens United seek to overturn the Supreme Court Ruling on Campaign Financing

In 2015, a political action committee called End Citizens United tried to have the campaign finance rules amended. To achieve their set goals, they intended to funnel millions of dollars to the election of Democratic leaders in both houses across the country. The group was founded in August and by the end of the month, it had raised more than $ 2 million. The institution’s core goal was to have the Supreme Court ruling reversed by an act of parliament. The Supreme Court decision in 2010 allowed political groups to get finances from unknown sources. As a result, dark money gets used to fund campaigns. End Citizen United partnered with Ready for Hillary, and at such a time, they had collected over 350,000 signatures that demanded the legislature to pass a law that barred campaign from getting money from dark sources. It was during that month that the organization endorsed 11 Democratic candidates including Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado.


There have been several PACs championing for campaign finance reforms. However, they didn’t achieve much. Lessons from the previous PACs have enabled End Citizen United to adapt a different strategy. They have adopted the idea of backing leaders aligned with their end goals to the office. Therefore, the institution and the leaders will champion for campaign financing reforms from parliament. The group went further ahead to form an executive branch that was responsible for backing their candidates through television ads, direct mailers, and polling. The leaders will, therefore, when elected, ensure that the constitution is amended to overturn the Supreme Court ruling. While having the supreme decision reversed is an uphill climb, it ensures and maintains pressure on the government and the Supreme Court not to make any other mistakes. The group is managed by five staff members and prides itself with donations from over 136,000 individuals.


The group continues to fight for campaign election reforms. As of March 2017, the group had collected over $ 4 million and aimed at reaching the $ 35 million mark before the 2018 midterm elections for Congress. Attaining the target would see the institution rise above the $ 25 million mark achieved during the 2016 year. The End Citizen United president, Tiffany Muller said that the group received donations from about 100,000 people. However, 40, 000 people had never donated before. Muller said that donations from the Democratic side are expected to come in as a fight back for the election of President Donald Trump. The executive arm of the group is still determining the people to back. However, the chances are that they will stand behind the Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio. The group so far has established connections with several campaign finance groups and has since continued to embed its roots.