EOS Cofounders Knew What They Were Doing When They Became a Hit

Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra are the founders of one of the biggest lip balm companies on the market. The company is called EOS. The acronym stands for Evolution of Smooth.

You’ve probably seen EOS products in pharmacies and stores like Well, Walmart and Target, but do you know the history behind this major beauty product? It’s not your average product story.

Behind the Success of EOS

The first thing that got Teller and Mehra interested in lip balm was the fact that it hadn’t been changed in nearly 100 years. At the time that the two men decided to create a lip balm product of their own, Chapstick ruled the lip care market.

Still, the Chapstick product hadn’t been altered in decades. Lip balms always came in a tube, and they always had the same boring flavor. Sometimes, you’d see a cherry or mint variety, but mostly, lip balm had a generic “original” flavor that did nothing for the senses.

Teller and Mehra saw that the industry was ripe for change. They felt that companies like Chapstick were being lazy, and they decided to swoop in.

What they came up with was a new lip balm that had brand new packaging. It was pretty to look at and soft and appealing to the touch. It also tasted and smelled great and had lots of new flavors to choose from. Finally, it appealed to millennial.

Their product was a success. Millennials loved it, and everyone else loved it too. Today, EOS is the second leading lip balm in the industry.

Check Out the EOS Difference

You can buy EOS lip balms online on eBay or Amazon, at pharmacies and in large chain grocery stores.

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