George Soros Is The Most Prominent Advocate Of Open Governments

George Soros has achieved a lot for himself and the world. Besides being listed as one of the most accomplished businessmen of his time, George Soros has always taken it upon himself to nurture future leaders who will help tackle some of the most intractable problems that humanity faces today. Apart from his interests in the corporate world that have helped make a lot of money, George Soros is also a seasoned activist, author, and philanthropist. The myriad of achievements that are under his name shows that Soros is one of the most influential persons in the world. Many of these feats can be attributed to his relentless pursuit of justice and governments that are open and accountable.

Analysts approximate that George Soros has given out over $2 billion to charity over his career. The most prominent beneficiaries of the billionaire’s generosity are organizations and persons who are fighting for the rights of the marginalized and also those who are agitating for accountable and transparent governments. George Soros believes that the society can solve some of its most significant problems by ensuring that institutions are open, just and responsible and that individuals are given the freedom to become what they want to be.

George Soros has remained steadfast in criticizing governments that are oppressing their people. States that use the natural resources that are available to enrich a few individuals at the expense of the citizenry have not been spared from George Soros’ criticism. George Soros has played a significant role in ensuring that democracy is strengthened in different parts of the world. Capitalism is the foundation upon which a vibrant economy can be nurtured. When leaders go against the tenets of democracy, it encourages discord among the population.

Some of the groups of individuals that George Soros through his charities includes the LGBT communities, sex workers, drug users and individuals who’ve been detained without being taken through a proper legal process. All these minority groups form the bulk of those who’ve benefited from the generosity of George Soros.

In the political sphere, George Soros has done a lot to ensure that people get the best leaders who can help solve their problems. The billionaire is on record to have funded presidential candidates such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Although George Soros has received a lot of criticism for defending the marginalized in the society, he has taken it as a moral obligation to help those who are in need.

George Soros made most of his wealth trading in the risky trade of currency speculation. His hedge fund has also contributed to his wealth. At the moment George Soros is ranked as one of the wealthiest individuals in the world by the Forbes Magazine.