How Fabletics Has Grown into a Top Clothing Company

Fabletics is an activewear company that was started in 2013. The company was started by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson. It operates on a subscription model where customers pay a monthly fee for them to receive the items. Fabletics has grown to become worth a quarter of a billion dollars in just a few years. The company has adopted its strategy from other high-profile brands to come up with its membership model. Members are taken through a survey so that the firm can establish the tastes of the customer when they join the service.


One area where the company has excelled at is its approach to physical stores. Many companies have failed to capitalize on their brick-and-mortar stores. The disadvantage of these stores is that customers go to other stores where they can find the items at a lower price after they have viewed the items there. Fabletics has tackled this problem by looking at browsing as a positive thing for the business. The company uses the opportunity to build better relationships with its customers. They get to know them better on a personal level and listen to what they have to say about the service. This has proved to be very beneficial for the company because the store can identify the areas that need improvement.


Fabletics hosts events and other fun activities where people get to discover and interact with the brand. Nearly half of the people who visit the store become members of the subscription in the end. A quarter of the people who enter the store become members upon their first visit. The company has integrated technology into its stores to provide a wholesome experience to customers. Items are added to the online shopping cart of the customers automatically when they try on an item. This innovative approach allows the customer to see what clothes they liked at the store and choose whether to order them at a later time.


The owner of A Foodie Stays Fit reviewed Fabletics a while ago and gave her opinion on the brand products that she received. She started out by pointing out that she had not been paid by the company and that it was not an endorsement of its products. She was impressed by the quality of the clothes that she received because she had paid only $25. She added that the styling and fabric of the products impressed her because it rivaled that of other top brands. She finished by recommending Fabletics because of the variety of products that they offered. She advised everyone to try them.