How Omar Boraie Built His Career as a Real Estate Entrepreneur

According to a blog published through Central Jersey Working Moms, “Entrepreneurs In The Real Estate Industry,’’ it is easy to venture into real estate business and flourish within few years.

About 40 years ago an Egyptian man moved to New Brunswick with a vision of achieving a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Apparently, while living in Brunswick, he developed some interests in real estate industry, and without further a due he decided to venture into the business. This man is known as Omar Boraie. In the year 1975, New Brunswick was not performing well in regard to the urban city life, but Johnson & Johnson insisted on staying in the city despite the conditions. This was the moment Omar Boraie saw an opportunity to invest in real estate business and thus started buying plots and other neglected buildings across the city and especially along Albany Street. By the year 1988, Omar was able to establish an Albany Street Plaza Tower One with the aim of offering high-class offices to people living in the area. By the year 2007 he had already managed to develop another structure which is Albany Street Plaza Tower Two and soon after this, he put up the One Spring Street condominium.

One street Condominium was capable of holding 120 apartments that were of different sizes ranging from one, two and three bedrooms. The apartments are mostly two-bedroomed costing an amount of $400,000 to roughly $500,000. Boraie then made up his mind from this moment to purchase underutilized plots and then develop them into better buildings that provide adequate offices and housing spaces. Omar had a son who diligently took after his father dedicating his time and efforts to turning demolition sites into decent places. He was doing this while serving Boraie Development as the Vice President. For instance, there was a time when the areas near Richard Stockon College appeared like a dump under the custody of Showboat Atlantic City who had purchased it. Omar’s son, wasseem Boraie, took the challenge to put all the condos back into the market and also renovate the hostel expected to hold about 400 students. And as a matter of fact, he was capable of doing it all.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development LLC is a real estate Development Company that prides in offering a broad range of services focusing on the real estate market in urban areas. Their services include property management, real estate development and property marketing. They have a dedicated team that develops remarkable properties while partnering with reputable financial institutions, contractors, and architects with a vision to ensure they provide best service to their clients. You can visit to know more about the company.

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