Lime Crime’s Newest Lip Color

Lime Crime is an internet based makeup business that has become a favorite among milennials and imaginative minded individuals. The makeup is a fitting pick for all sorts of occasions. It can be used for workplace makeup, concerts, parties, nights out, casual days, and for dates. One of the latest creations of the company is a lip color called Scandal, which can easily be used for any occasions.

Scandal from Lime Crime is a boldly deep violet Velvetines lip color. The Velvetines are of a similar look to a velvet rose petal. The Scandal Velvetines shade is eye catching and absolutely lovely. The lip color has a matte appearance that is dramatically epic. The bold deep purple of Scandal will quickly become a favorite among beauty customers.

The Scandal lip color is fitting for any of the makeup fans of Lime Crime lip colors. For people new to the refreshingly imaginative makeup company, the Scandal lip color is perfect for those who have a punk rock style. This particular lip color looks perfect paired with black eyeliner and a lovely smoky eye. Black liner, a smoky eye, and a bold lip color is a common staple of punk rocker style.

The best method to apply the Scandal lip color is to prep your lips with a lip balm. Lightly pat a tissue over the lip balm. After about fifteen minutes you can apply the Scandal lip color onto your freshly prepped lips. If you want a perfect pout, you can use a lip brush to make the edges of the lip color appear more clean.

You can get a Scandal lip color for yourself by shopping at the official makeup store of the business. The web store is located at” ‘‘. The cosmetics brand is additionally sold at their official Amazon account and at the retailer Urban Outfitters.

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