Rick Shinto Drives InnovaCare Health

Rick Shinto, President of InnovaCare Health Solutions, continues to lead the way in providing top-quality healthcare programs to those not served in America. As the CEO of the company, he could not do it alone. Penelope Kokkinides also serves as a top partner and Chief Financial Officer. Shinto and Kokkinides have more than 20 years of experience in managing healthcare solutions and have likewise proven their success over time. For instance, Shinto has earned the A Tribute to Caring gala award from the Western University of Health Sciences, among multiple other recognitions and awards. He has also had the privilege to fly to numerous cities to hear special lectures on the topic by billionaires with proven experience. Read this article about Innovacare at Yahoo Finance.

Part of Shinto’s award-winning formula lies in employing only the most experienced and talented of management teams to top positions within InnovaCare. The company currently employs management positions from within, but all are welcome to apply for entry-level positions. Those who prove themselves with InnovaCare are offered higher status and better benefits as well; all are encouraged to apply online. InnovaCare Health offers numerous positions in production support, sales promotion, retention membership, representation, internal and external sales, research and documentation, data coordination, marketing and public relations, ACO social work case management and even translation.

Along with Shinto and Kokkinides, Douglas Melton and Christopher Joyce proudly serve the executive leadership team. Under their Board of Directors stands Daniel E. Strauss, along with Joseph Mark, Stephen Baker, Jonathan Collage, Stuart Altman, Rafael Benarroyo and David Nathan Roberts. InnovaCare Health’s Puerto Rico base is the only one in the country that has obtained accreditations from the National Committee for Quality Assurance, known as the and NCQA. InnovaCare’s healthcare system is the first and only one, thus far, to have achieved such accreditations in any Latin American country. This implies that Innovacare distinctive health awards have been well-deserved for properly meeting all service and clinical quality requirements through the rigorous NCCQ system and have repeatedly passed on all levels.

InnovaCare’s Medicare advantages stand as the largest and oldest within Puerto Rico as well and consist of 250,000 enrolled members by networks of more than 7,000 providers. Each InnovaCare Medicare plan has received government distinction and four-star status excellence in numerous factors that include patient experience and overall ease of access. They’re the fastest-growing within the U.S., and their satisfaction rates consistently stand in the top 90 percent range. Learn more about the company at Businesswire.com.