Securus Technologies Fixing the dynamic world of Prison Security

Securus Technologies is a leading industry provider of criminal justice technology which also includes prison communications technology. Securus also specializes in providing civil technology solutions that enhance public safety, police investigation and monitoring of parolees. The company was founded in 1986 and has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. There are four other Securus regional offices in both Texas and Georgia. There are 2,600 correctional facilities in the United States and Canada which have adopted Securus technologies.


Securus has been instrumental in helping jail officials to contain the nightmare of contraband items in prisons. The contraband includes cell phones, alcohol and drugs. Correctional facility officers have testified through customer feedback to Securus on the efficiency of secures in containing the vice. Information obtained from monitoring suspicious conversations have led to arrest of corrupt staff members for introducing contraband cell phones to inmates. Securus developed a system which prevents mobile phone signals originating within the prison from connecting to the mobile networks out in the general public. This has been achieved through the Managed Access Solutions rolled out in 2016.


During prison investigations for the presence of alcohol in prisons, the sale of prescription drugs and access to cellular devices secures technologies enabled officers to uncover even a wider ring of crime. Monitored calls revealed information concerning plots to coordinate illegal activities with the help of civilians outside such as a money transfer. Civilians have also been caught admitting to selling drugs to inmates. This information has contributed to prosecute individuals and prevent such crimes before they occur. This technology has also helped correctional officers to be more vigilant to reduce the occurrence of an inmate on inmate crimes.


Securus technologies regularly churn out new products with updated security technologies. Due to the dynamic nature of safety requirements. These products have one goal; to enhance safety in prisons and to solve and prevent crimes.