Securus provides civil and criminal justice technology solutions for the benefit of public safety by preventing and solving crimes especially inmate-on-inmate crimes. Richard Smith; the CEO of Securus Technologies develops new services that help improve the law enforcement sector by solving and preventing crimes.


Securus receives thousands of emails which mainly talk about how we build and how what we do contributes to keeping our society safe from crimes. Inmates are not left out as they are also kept safe. Securus Technologies have been of great help to correctional facilities for over ten years since it has been providing technological solutions. Richard Smith is creating a vision for Securus’s current assessment and development of ways to solve emerging issues. We should keep on sending reports to Securus Technologies since the reporting data helps to enhance its agency’s proactive measures in monitoring.


I believe that Securus is very efficient as its investigative tools allow their staff to react to any complaint of harassment or a serious threat to the society. I also believe that if the technology from LBS services is used with Investigator Pro will make Securus Technologies the most efficient phone provider in prisons in the whole world. Securus has an extended open invitation to other competitors as they are welcomed to visit our headquarters in Dallas.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies headquarter is based in Dallas, Texas and it has managed to serve more than 3,450 public safety without any complaints. It has also served more than one million, two hundred thousand inmates across North America. Securus Technologies strives to respond to the emergency cases, and monitor products and services with the aim of making our society safe. Securus Technologies has a website ( that educates people more on how it functions.