August 3, 2021


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10 items you have bought incorrect about homeschooling

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A amount of you have asked for far more homeschooling posts, due to the fact you are unexpectedly joining the homeschooling ranks this 12 months.

Zoe sitting at the table

I enjoy looking through “here’s what you’re doing wrong” types of listing posts, so I imagined it may be enjoyment to do 1 about homeschooling misconceptions.


1. You do not require a adorned/committed homeschool room

So many new homeschoolers think they need a unique space for college, adorned in a unique way, with certain household furniture selected for homeschooling.

And it’s possible some homeschoolers DO operate that way extended-term…I dunno for sure.

But I can inform you that most homeschoolers I know are a lot less official than that!

homeschooling reading time

We do college in the bed room, in the kitchen area, in the residing space, at the desk, on the ground, in the car or truck, on the desk, and any number of other places.

If a specified homeschool area assists you, then excellent! Go for it.

But if you, like me, do not have space for (or inclination toward) a homeschool space, know that you are likely to be great.

2. Your little ones never have to get dressed to do college

School in pajamas can perform great.

Faculty not in pajamas can perform great.

pajama pants

Figure out what performs for you and your children and do that. 

3. You don’t have to have to put together lessons for every single child, just about every working day

If you have a course of 20 youngsters, then yeah, you’ll will need to do some organizing and planning.

But with just one or two children in your “class”, you really do not have to have to get up and existing a lesson each individual working day.

A large amount of homeschool curriculum is created so that the child can go through the instructions and do the get the job done on their possess (assuming we’re chatting about little ones who can by now read).

Sonia sitting at her desk

Most homeschooled youngsters do a good deal of unbiased work, which is one particular of the principal causes homeschooling is feasible for mothers and fathers of lots of children in a lot of grades.

4. This is not going to just take 6 hours each and every day

Your kid IS generally at faculty for 6 hours, certain.

But your child is certainly not executing centered school work for six hrs.

There’s lunch, recess, moving concerning courses, ready for other kids, interruptions from other youngsters, and so on.

sonia playing a geography game

So, that indicates you must not assume that your little one is likely to want six several hours of centered schoolwork at property.

If your college student is effective really hard and gets their day by day assignments carried out in three hrs*, there is completely no need to stress. It’s standard!

If the function is accomplished, that is what issues.

*this is a random range. Early grades, these kinds of as kindergarten, do not even require 3 hrs at residence.

5. There’s not one appropriate curriculum out there

The homeschool industry is severely overpowering, suitable? SO Lots of Alternatives.

This is excellent in one perception, but annoying at the exact same time.

messy pile of books

I have a thought that can enable, while:

Don’t forget that when you shop, you are not hoping to find the one particular ideal curriculum out of 3789 bad curriculums.

As an alternative, you are possibly looking at at least 3,000 good curriculums, and any one particular of individuals 3,000 are most likely heading to be high-quality.

Fantastic enough is superior more than enough, and it is ok to do a sensible sum of analysis and then just select a thing. 

6. You’re not trapped with a particular guide/class

If you do choose some thing and you uncover it to be awful or just a awful healthy for you, you can change it up, even midyear.

This is not the cheapest matter to do, of training course, but it is superior to know that it is an selection. 

And remembering that it is an selection will aid you really feel significantly less pressured about deciding upon which guides to acquire.

tips for saving on college textbooks

(On a similar observe, you can practically often market non-consumable homeschool curriculum, which will enable you recoup some of your charge. I offer mine on eBay and here’s how I do it.)

7. You never want classroom-y products

Kinda related to #1 on this list: some faculty items definitely are developed for a classroom practical experience (blackboards, whiteboards, posters, and so on).

bucket of chalk on chalkboard wall
The chalkboard wall in Zoe’s room is for enjoyable, not for college!

They are not going to damage your homeschool experience, but you are probably not going to find them important. 

And often, you can just make do with household objects given that you have a modest course.

For occasion, when my young ones had been in early math, I didn’t purchase coin manipulatives we just utilized real cash! Which is not possible in a classroom, but it totally will work at home. 

8. You simply cannot make your young ones appreciate studying/have a excellent mind-set

No make a difference how peppy or energized or appealing you are, your little ones are going to have a bad perspective occasionally.

I’m not saying this to discourage you, but rather to assistance you set your anticipations effectively.

sad sonia
(I obtained Sonia’s permission to share this. She’s crying above a broken flower, not schoolwork. But it however works for illustrative functions. ;) )

No guardian is able to make a kid like every subject every day of the school yr. Do your ideal to established a excellent tone, but don’t think about yourself a failure if your child is not enraptured by their schooling every single working day.

On a relevant be aware, I find it troublesome when persons won’t just allow me dislike one thing. No just one likes every little thing! So as mothers and fathers, I really don’t assume it is valuable for us to say, “Oh, but quadratic equations are SO Enjoyable.”

If your child doesn’t like a issue, telling them it is truly pleasurable is possibly likely to be counter-productive. 

I determine this is a good opportunity to instruct children that occasionally, they do not have to like it they just have to do it.

And that’s a great life lesson.

9. You do not have to now know everything your kids are finding out

It would be definitely helpful to be perfectly-versed in all of your kids’ topics. But no father or mother out there is, other than for it’s possible mothers and fathers of seriously early quality young children.

You can discover alongside with your young children, or slightly ahead of your children, and it can still be helpful. You are not truly the instructor the curriculum is there to guideline each you and your pupil.

For occasion, I am not a math expert, but I’ve gotten all 4 of my young ones by means of Algebra 1 now, and I’ve finished a great deal of refreshing together the way by studying the relevant lessons when my little ones are caught. 

math dinosaur
Kristen’s math competencies > dinosaur’s math capabilities

I am pretty nicely-versed in Algebra 1 by now (!!), but I wasn’t all brushed up on it to commence with. 

(I initially did Algebra 1 in 1993. It’s been a although.)

10. If you believe this will be horrible or excellent, you are improper both way

I see mom and dad approaching this homeschooling point with dread.

And I also see parents with a, “This is going to be such a fun time of studying! Woohoo!” approach.

I assume these are equally marginally erroneous (or perhaps they’re both proper) mainly because like almost everything else in life, homeschooling is a blend of upsides and downsides.

There will be times that are horrible and times that are wonderful there will be occasions when this appears to be like the most effective determination in the environment and there will be situations when you will desperately want to quit.

Both of those of individuals feelings are completely usual. At least, they’ve been regular for me!

What else would you insert to my checklist? What’s a misunderstanding about homeschooling that you’d like to appropriate?