April 13, 2021


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Benefits that the usage of Instagram can bring to business owners

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These days the importance of the usage of social media platforms is higher than ever.
Social media experts have announced that a recent survey shows that adults spend around 60% of their free time on social networks.Some of them use the social platforms for personal purposes such as sharing their lives and experiences and  with their family and friends and others take great advantages from using social media platforms because they have the opportunity to advert their business and increase their sales rapidly. 

For example the social platform Instagram is a place where the main focus is on sharing photos and videos. Many people say that one picture is worth more than 500 words ,so we can say that Instagram is the best place to reach your audience emotions in order to satisfy their needs.On Instagram there is a massive amount of services and products you can explore.In fact there are around 30 millions business accounts on the platform. Some of these accounts have millions of followers. Even some business owners are buying real Instagram followers for their page. Brands can take great benefits from the platform,because its popularity is rising every day and new people that are potential customers are joining Instagram every day.In this article we are going to check what benefits Instagram can bring to the business sector.

  • The application gives the opportunity to business owners to target the audience they really need easily. For example if you run a business you can target your audience by location,no matter if you target a city or a whole country. This way you would be able to reach the right audience that can become customers. Instagram also provides the option to target your audience by demographics – gender, age ,country or language.However in every business there are customers that are not really happy with the products or services they have received so there might be offensive comments,reviews or opinions and luckily Instagram has a solution for this – you can restrict the access to your Instagram page of people leaving negative comments  in order to avoid obstacles that interfere your business growth. You can also create your own list of forbidden offensive keywords and set this list to your Instagram page.This way if anyone publishes a comment,that consists of any keyword of your list, the comment would be restricted automatically.
  • Instagram gives the chances to everyone to advertise their business in many ways. For example , if your business is related with beauty products,you can promote them by publishing posts that show the products ,add a description,explaining how the product work or how it was made and even you can put a price tag onto the publication ,which would make a direct clickable connection between you and the customer and you can sell it easy. Another way of promoting is publishing Instagram stories with your products ,however make sure that the quality of the images is good, because good quality catches the interest of people. Actually you can also publish live videos ,showing your products ,speaking directly with your customers and they will appreciate that because they will feel you closer which guarantees that they can trust you and your brand.
  • The methods we mentioned in this article can really help any business to grow and they are completely free. However to achieve better effect and receive a huge loyal customer base you can also pay to Instagram likes in order to sponsor your publication or stories. If you do that , it is a true huge commercial campaign that appears in many peoples’ feeds and will actually bring many more customers.