January 20, 2021


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How to Prepare General Knowledge For the CDS Exam?

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The Union Public Service Commission conducts the Combined Defense Services – CDS Exam. Applications for...
How to Prepare General Knowledge For the CDS Exam?

The Union Public Service Commission conducts the Combined Defense Services – CDS Exam. Applications for CDS exam increases with every passing year thus increasing the competition level of the exam. Candidates can crack the exam easily provided they have planned and strategize well for their preparation for the CDS exam. 

Aspirants while preparing, often focus on the tricky subjects like Mathematics and Reasoning first to gain accuracy and speed and keep the easy ones like General Knowledge to be prepared in the last hours. This tendency leads them to score less marks, for the importance of the subject that is easy and can help fetch good marks is ignored. Hence, this article will talk on the important tips to prepare the General Knowledge for the CDS Exam.

Tips for GK Preparation of Combined Defense Services Exam

General Knowledge forms an important part of the syllabus of the CDS exam. Candidates must upkeep themselves with the current events and events happening around the world.  The broad topics covered in the general knowledge syllabus are- Current Awareness, Economics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Politics, Sociology, History, Geography, Environment, Defence, Awards and Honors, Sports and Culture, Books and Authors. 

Given below are a few tips to prepare for the General Knowledge Section of Combined Defense Service Exam-

  1. Read Daily Newspapers – the most important tip is reading the newspapers daily. Going through the newspapers daily is a great source of upkeeping knowledge related to the world. The daily newspaper which publishes all kinds of news like National, International, Business, Sports, Economics, Entertainment, etc. should be referred to. Also, read weekly magazines to stay updated about global happenings. Apart from getting acquainted with current affairs, newspapers, journals or magazines reading improves English language skills and vocabulary power as well.
  2. Gather Correct Set of Study materials- make sure that the study material you choose for the preparation of the General knowledge section is apt. It must provide all the updated information regarding the general or current events. Wisely opting for the correct GK book will ultimately help you cover up and study the correct information. Remember, the General knowledge section is not just limited to static GK, it also covers important current schemes, latest discoveries and inventions, Politics, policies, Sports and awards, etc. So candidates must make a note that they look for the best general awareness books for their preparation.
  3. Watch T.V. – make it a habit of watching news every day. Watching television will not just help to refresh the mind from a hectic preparation schedule, but will increase your General Knowledge too. Watch all types of news channel broadcasts, including national and international news, etc. This is one of the best ways to keep up to date with current affairs and know what’s happening around the globe, because what you see, is what you remember for a long time. 
  4. Self-Made Notes –  the most important question is how to remember all the current events and important things for CDS exams. It is difficult to retain all that is read in one shot for GK preparation. Therefore, making notes while going through important events, facts, latest news, etc is advisable. Self created notes will help in revision during the last minute. Make notes and keep revising it on a regular basis. 
  5. Take help from Mobile Apps – Numerous apps are available for candidates to stay up to date with the latest news and updates. Candidates should download a few General knowledge Mobile apps that they can use to read and learn on the go while doing any work simultaneously. These applications give the latest updates every hour and candidates just need to go through the important headlines and stay updated.
  6. Take Online GK Quiz – The best way to understand whether you are updated with latest news and current affairs is to take the GK quiz online. Like mobile applications for GK current affairs preparation, there are various apps available related to GK quiz. Regular quizzes will help learn important information better.

Candidates can go through a few books that can help them prepare the General Knowledge section:

General Knowledge Books for CDS Exam
General Awareness by Manohar PandayManorama YearbookMagazines such as Pratiyogita Darpan, Competition Success Review (CSR), and YojanaNewspapers like, The Hindu, Indian Express, etc.

For detailed section-wise and topic-wise CDS Syllabus along with a list of important books, refer to the linked page.