May 15, 2021


Education strikes back

HR Managers Know These Staffing Tips Very Well

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When you are in charge of HR Staffing of a company one of your many duties is to hire employees. There are many staffing tips out there. You should always consider how long an employee has spent at their last job. Along with that, you should be sure that you choose the perfect questions for your interview. And always check references. Find out why they left their last jobs. This simple inquiry could open up the many issues that may arise at your company. Being the staffing officer is an important job so it is important to consider these few staffing tips when attempting to choose the perfect staff for your company.

Look at Longevity

Job hopping is a term for people who work at a job for six months or less and then move on to the next job. There are many reasons a person job hops. Maybe they run into issues with getting along with coworkers and the job runs its course. Or maybe they get bored. None-the-less, there is nothing more frustrating than taking six months to train and educate a person and then they quit. Because most of America is a free will working environment this is all too common. So one way to weed out a job hopper is to avoid hiring them in the first place. So check their work history.

Offer Good Benefits

Almost 100 percent of Americans say that they would choose a lower-paying job for better benefits. So if you are looking for high-quality employees then one big way to attract them is to offer good benefits. By good benefits meaning good health insurance, adequate days off and decent hours. The person who is in charge of HR Staffing should have a say in these benefits. So you should always push for good benefits to attract good employees. Market these good benefits with your staffing companies or in your community.

Ask the Right Questions

Just because an employee is a likable person doesn’t necessarily mean they are a great employee. So when you are doing interviews be sure that you are asking the right questions. Be sure that you are asking them things like what are their weaknesses, what has made them leave their last jobs and why they want the job. You want to find someone who has good reasoning for wanting a job. Having a job is more than just money. You want someone loyal and committed. Along with that, you want someone whos reasoning for leaving their last jobs to line up with what the references tell you.

Check References

People are good at selling themselves. This is how bad employees get hired in the first place. So it is important to always get the true story from their past employers and references. If you do not call your reference checking then you are not doing your due diligence before hiring an employee. Reference checking may be the most important part because it can help you weed out those who quit with no notice, caused major problems or doesn’t get along with people. Past employers hold a treasure chest of important info on past employees. Always check references.


At the end of the day sometimes you just accidentally pick bad hires. But if you consider these few staffing tips you can greatly reduce the chance of that happening. Picking the right people for the right job can be crucial to the success of your company. As the HR manager one of your many responsibilities is to be sure that you are hiring the right people. So consider these few things while doing that.