May 15, 2021


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Importance of Current Affairs in terms of UPSC Syllabus

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The UPSC Civil Services Exam are one of the most sought after exams in the country. Lakhs of candidates aspire to join the Indian Civil services each year. The exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission and requires a lot of preparation and hard work to qualify for the exam.

The UPSC Syllabus is exhaustive and one of the most important aspects of the UPSC syllabus are the current affairs. So aspirants preparing for the UPSC exam 2020, must start the preparation and give extra attention to the General Awareness section.

Given below is the importance of Current Affairs in the UPSC Syllabus:

  1. Apart form the book knowledge, UPSC exams preparation requires an applicant to be completely aware of the surroundings and the events happening around the world. UPSC provides questions in detail regarding any topic of current interest.
  2. When reading any current news of importance, an aspirant must be aware of the past and future effects of it also. That is because the question formation in the exam is very indirect.
  3. Since the UPSC Syllabus covers a major part for current affairs, aspirants must regularly read newspapers, scroll through current happening around the world on the internet and also should have an idea about the static general awareness. This will let candidates be up to date with the events around the world.
  4. This is one section that will help candidates appearing for the exam score more marks as there is no solution and tricks that need to be applied for solving these questions.
  5. With current affairs, the importance is not just to be given to the latest events around the world but also to the events that are co-related with the past.

So candidates preparing for the upcoming Civil Services exam must start the preparation immediately and have a sound and deep detail of the current affairs around the globe. The UPSC Syllabus is vast and the preparation required to qualify the exam is very comprehensive.

So as to qualify the exam in the first attempt, candidates must make sure that they score good marks and one way of doing so is knowing the important activities around the world and having knowledge of the events that are co-related with it from the past.

Other important topics that a candidate must be prepared for are history, Indian and World Geography, Economic and Social Development, Environmental Ecology, English comprehension skills, etc. So the UPSC exam preparation must be stating for aspirants who truly wish to join the Indian Civil Services.