May 15, 2021


Education strikes back

Importance of parents having playful education with their children

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Education is the means through which knowledge is passed down to the next generation. Over the years, education has played a vital part in developing the world. People make research and try to find out how to do things in a better way. Once they can find answers to certain questions about life, they pass down such information to the next generation. The next generation can utilize the information while being able to build further on the information to see if there are better answers to that question. This is apart from several other people who would be working on finding answers to other existing or new questions.

There are many ways through which education can be implemented. Even though the most popular way is through schools, parents need to know that they also play a vital role in the education of their children. Parents are often regarded as the first teacher that virtually everybody ever had. The few exceptions will be those that lost their parents or those that were taken away from their parents at birth. Even in these instances, the people who played the role of parents and nurtured them during those periods will be regarded as their first teachers.

As parents, you should find time to not only educate your children but be patient enough to make the time fun and playful. There are several benefits to having playful education moments with your kids. Some of such playful education moments are discussed subsequently.

You will help your kids to be more intelligent
The major purpose of education is to acquire knowledge. Hence, when you have playful education time with your kids, they will have more knowledge. You will also be able to teach them how to apply such knowledge. Hence, they will likely grow to become more intelligent than their peers whose parents do not have a playful time with. There are several ways parents can have playful education time with their kids. You can get fun children kits like reading eggs that you can use when you are teaching your children. You can also get a toucan box that contains fun items that would attract your children to want to play with them. However, these items, while looking like play to your children, will provide them with the opportunity to learn in the process.

You will know how much progress they are making
When you have playful education time with your children, you will know how much progress they are making in school. You would be able to use the opportunity to go through their school book, see what they have been taught and see how much of what the kids have been taught they have been able to absorb. You will subsequently know if the school is good enough for them or if you should change the school. You would also get to know if you should spend more time teaching them or get a home teacher that can come around during the weekends or after school to further explain what they have been taught at school.

You will be able to bond with your children
The benefits of bonding with your children cannot be overemphasized. When you bond with your children, they will be able to confide in you. Hence, whatever challenges or problem that they are confronting, they will be free to share them with you. You will be able to use your experiences and superior knowledge to guide them through those periods. Hence, your children will not have to suffer unnecessarily as they will be able to always count on you to help them out. Furthermore, as you also age and start to yearn for their love, they would not abandon you. They will be glad to visit you regularly with their families.

Your children will love education
When you have a playful education with your children, they will tend to love education and education-related activities more. This is because you have created the impression that learning could be fun. They could subsequently find more fun ways to learn on their own and hence, be encouraged to read and know more. This is as opposed to if you as their parents and their school are always using a strict educational approach. They could start to see education as a form of punishment and try to avoid it as much as they can. Hence, they would start to lag and could drop out of school the first opportunity that they get.