January 20, 2021


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Shimla Tour Lures Sightseers Shoppers And Foodies Alike

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Backpackers and sightseers always get lured by destinations which are exotic, historical, natural or intriguing....

Backpackers and sightseers always get lured by destinations which are exotic, historical, natural or intriguing. Shimla and Srinagar are two such destinations in India. While a Shimla tour will exhilarate you with its hillside beauty and comfy Shimla hotels, Srinagar will leave you contented with its paradise-like ambience. The Himalayas, the lakes and the top-class Srinagar hotels can indeed help you savor its beauty for the rest of your life.

Shimla has a long-standing reputation of being one of the best hill stations in the country. Even the British made it their summer capital as they wished to get forlorn in its cooler slopes and serener valleys as opposed to the cacophony of the metro cities. And even now, when the British have long departed, the town proudly greets its hoard of visitors who come rollicking to take a slice of what the place has to offer to their tired souls. Shimla tour promises plenty of euphoria and joy as you head for sightseeing to hills & viewpoints or to dig into the exhilarating mood of skating or skiing or to fill in your shopping bags with souvenirs and artifacts. And after a long day of sightseeing, when you slip into your cozy Shimla hotels, you do not regret the fact that the enjoyable day has ended as you wait for sleep to take over in your snuggly comforts.

There are innumerable places that may interest a traveler’s mind. There is the Kufri which is an abode of snow and where you can enjoy some hillside sports like ice skating, roller skating or skiing. Another great place for the sports lover is the Annandale which is a sort of traditional spot for sports like cricket or polo.

Amongst the temples, you must visit the Tara Devi Temple and the Jakhu Temple. Both will give you something to take back home in your memory bank and can render an ethereal & spiritual experience as you learn more about the Indian mythology. Also, during your Shimla tour, do not forget to miss out on the Chadwick Falls whose silvery flow will definitely leave a lasting impression in your mind. The Mall is another heady destination calling the attention of the shoppers and foodies with its huge chain of shops, markets and restaurants. Amongst other attractions, Gaiety Theatre, Scandal Point, Viceregal Lodge, Kari Bari Temple and Town Hall are the popular ones.

Staying at the luxurious Shimla hotels and spending a week in this nature-infested place can be an experience that will definitely gnaw at your heart for ever and ever!

Srinagar is another enchantress of a holiday destination and a hill station which has awed every generation of travelers. Himalayan mountains, cascading waterfalls, alluring temples, religious mosques, bewitching lakes, serene flower gardens and snuggly Srinagar hotels make this north Indian hill station the hotspot destination. The Dal Lake can be profanely bewitching because of its quaintness, quietness and unspoiled beauty. Hire a shikara to venture out into the midst of this oceanic lake for a romantic and unforgettable experience! Nagin Lake and Wular Lake are equally beautiful but pale before the popularity of the Dal Lake.

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Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, Kunchit, Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden and Hazratbal Shrine are other notable sightseeing wonders. Amongst the Srinagar hotels, the Intercon Grand Palace and Blooming Dale Hotel Cottages are more famous.