August 3, 2021


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The Top Signs That You Should Change Your Courier

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Let’s face it – sometimes, things just don’t work out the way we want it to, and the same thing even happens in the services we get from different providers and companies we trust. And in the logistics and shipping industry, this also occurs – there are times when you’d have to change your courier or your shipping company so you can look for better providers.

Your trusted logistics company might face difficulties in the future but if they truly do or not, you must know when you should already change your provider. You must be aware of the red flags – or signs that already indicate that there is something inappropriate going on and you must spare yourself from any trouble it could cause as early as possible.

1. Financial Crisis

In some reports, there are already losses from logistic companies from all over the world – perhaps it’s going to help you if you are aware of these reports so you would know the financial health of your current provider of logistics services. 

2. Uncompetitive Rates

Uncompetitive is not always about having the lowest rates – it’s the competitive rates for a fair service. Sure, people always tend to stick with those having the low rate but you have to make sure that you get what you pay for – that the amount you’re willing to pay can mount to the kind of service you’re getting; whether it is good or not.

3. Standard of Service

There are so many shipping companies that you can choose from and each freight forwarding company offers different levels of service. Of course, you must ensure that you get the same standard of service that you got from the beginning of your relationship of your courier up to the present. If it suddenly changes or if you feel like you’re not being given the best kind of service that you want to experience, perhaps it’s already time to look for the one who can. 

4. No Technical Improvements

Today, there are already IT solutions that can expedite the processes, procedures, and enhance the kind of service that any company can give. If your current provider still doesn’t have the knack for utilizing the technologies of today, more likely, this can affect their overall service performance to their clients, hence, you. 

5. Sudden Internal Changes

Since you’ve been under the wing of your current provider for already quite some time, you’d feel if any sudden change would surface. As the company grows, changes are inevitable. Any positive or negative change – you’ll feel it, thus, if you see that there is any negative internal change from your courier, scout for a new provider as soon as possible to spare yourself from any further problems. Logistics and shipping companies in Dubai can help you a lot especially if you want to transfer or send parcels from one place to another; however, make sure that you will work with the best ones in the market and if you see red flags, change for a better provider, as well.a